What are the Key Test Automation Requirements

Test automation is increasingly being accepted by organizations as the most efficient testing process. Even the highly effective agile methodology calls for its implementation. This article looks into the key requirements when it comes to test automation for higher software quality.

When it comes to software quality, organizations should strive to achieve the best. The quality directly affects the product success and in the face of changing market dynamics, high quality is essential for user satisfaction and to gain the competitive edge. The need for high efficiency of the QA process has made test automation emerge as the solution. There are several benefits that it can bring, including improved accuracy along with greater productivity and efficiency.

With the widespread popularity of the agile methodology which focuses on continuous testing, it has found a vital place in the software development process today. However, what really makes it work is an effectively designed system. Here are 4 key test automation requirements that are common to new-age tools with integrated platforms, such as Cucumber, QARA, Appium and Watir.

Originally posted at AnalyticsWeek