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Using Google Tools to Enhance Course Delivery

As teachers embrace digital tools for online learning, many online tools can enhance and facilitate the organization and delivery of courses. Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Slides, and Google Jamboard have the power to deliver more efficient and effective learning experiences. These digital tools can support professors as they organize course information while also enhancing student collaboration.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an easy tool to increase collaboration, but it is also a digital tool that can help organize courses via course schedules and syllabi. In the Google Doc Daily Course Schedule in Example 1, there are many organized links for in-class tasks. The course schedule is essentially a lesson plan for the daily instructional assignments that will be completed in class. When students miss class, they are referred to the course schedule and asked to make up the in-class course tasks. There are two graphics that are repeated on the schedule. A target graphic indicates the topic that will be addressed each day, and a purple assignment graphic indicates what assignments are due each class. In the course, there are three types of class sessions: full class with the professor facilitating instruction, teamwork sessions with students working collaboratively on a team project assignment, and individual work sessions where students work on their own. Full class sessions are represented on the schedule with a white background, teamwork sessions with a yellow background, and individual work sessions with a blue background. This color-coding helps students quickly identify the type of class.

Example 1. Daily Course Schedule

Originally posted at Faculty Focus