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Road to building a successful AI Startup @DennisMortensen @XdotAI #FutureOfData #Podcast

In this podcast, Dennis Mortensen (@DennisMortensen @XdotAI) sat with Vishal Kumar from @AnalyticsWeek to discuss his entrepreneurial journey of building successful analytics startups. He shares his journey to starting advanced analytics at AI startup and how he is solving an important productivity killer using AI. He shared his challenges and opportunities of being an early entrant into the AI startup space. He also shared his thoughts on Google Wave and Google Duplex and what to expect from these technologies in the future.

0:28 Dennis’s journey
4:46 Dennis’s “why.”
9:50 Dennis’s success mantra.
14:45 Making of
19:03 Educating the market
22:34 Surprises on the way
30:05 Killing the inbox
35:50 Why the calendar?
39:07 About Google. duplex
50:05 Future of work
55:00 Recommended books.

Dennis’s Recommended Read:
The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money by Felix Dennis
Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson, Larry Sloman
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Podcast Link:

Dennis’s BIO:
Dennis Mortensen is the CEO and co-founder of

Dennis is an expert in leveraging data to solve enterprise use cases and a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully exited several companies on that theme.

His long-term vision of killing the inbox led to the formation of and the creation of Amy + Andrew, artificially intelligent assistants who schedule meetings. He frequently speaks to anyone who’ll listen, from the crowds of Web Summit to his building’s doorman, about an optimistic future for AI, productivity, and the future of work.

Dennis was also an accredited Associate Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia and the author of Data-Driven Insights, on collecting and analyzing digital data.

About #Podcast:
#FutureOfData podcast is a conversation starter to bring leaders, influencers and lead practitioners to come on show and discuss their journey in creating the data driven future.

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