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Moving Back Home Post-Graduation

Moving back home may seem like the end of the world or unusual, but it is not! It is actually quite common. According to a Pew Research Center analysis conducted in July 2020, 52% of young adults in the US resided with one or both of their parents, which is the highest this percentage has been since the end of the Great Depression, in 1940.  

Moving back home has its pros and cons, and if done properly, can be extremely beneficial to you gaining your footing as an adult. I am here to provide you with some insight on moving home, negotiations with your parents, setting boundaries and expectations, and more! 

Pros  Cons 
Save money  Less independence 
Less responsibility  Lack of privacy 
Chance to spend time with family and friends  Your parents’ rules  

Negotiations, Boundaries, and Expectations 

  1. Establish ground rules with your parents 
    • Since you are living under your parents’ roof you must learn how to respect their rules. However, this does not mean sacrificing your independence. Talk to one another and find a middle ground in which you can co-exist and respect each other’s space.  
  1. Figure out a plan to handle conflict with your parents beforehand 
    • Plan out whether you will discuss problems over a meal, monthly meetings, or through notes/text messages, etc. Conflict is inevitable, but if it is handled in an adult manner, issues will be less difficult to diffuse. 
  1. Help around the house 
    • If you are not already contributing to rent or expenses, then offer to pull your weight in a different way. Clean up around the house, do laundry, or go grocery shopping! Your parents will appreciate it, and it will give you a chance to show them have much you’ve grown up. Show your gratitude for all they do for you! 
  1. Spend time together 
    • Don’t forget to take this extra time you have living with your parents to spend and enjoy your time with them. Find topics and activities you all like doing; perhaps set aside time each week or month just for them. This could, after all, be the last time you’ll ever live under the same roof.


  1. Create a list of goals to share with your parents 
    • Show your parents you have a plan for your life (or are least starting to think about it) and have goals you want to achieve. This is an opportunity to show them you can act as an adult and formulate steps to reach your career goals, rather than just crashing in their basement for years with no future aspirations.  
  1. Make a spending plan / budget
    • Create a savings account, begin paying off debt (students or otherwise), research places you’d like to move out to, calculate the cost of living, and plan to reach those marks. 
  1. Redecorate your bedroom 
    • By redecorating a little bit, you will provide yourself with the chance to feel less like you’re moving backwards into your old childhood room and more like you’re springing forwards into a new stage in your life as an adult. 
  1. Maintain a social life 
    • Continue to live your life and see your friends/co-workers in your time, while keeping in mind, you must be respectful of your parents’ living space. So, don’t interrupt your parents’ sleep at odd hours or bring unwanted guests into the house without permission.

Hopefully these tips and tricks have eased any pains or concerns regarding moving back home after graduation. For more information about overcoming moving back home, check out the references below!


Originally posted at Career UConn Blog