Horrifying Fast Food Worker Confessions

Horrifying Fast Food Worker Confessions

You might not want to think about it, but some pretty shady stuff goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants, and these workers are ready to spill. From sketchy food prep practices to dirty equipment, these confessions might make you think twice about hitting up that drive-thru again.

Delicious fast food doesn’t just rain from the heavens, like gifts from the gods of fat, salt, and sugar. It’s made by the hopefully washed hands of hard-working, underpaid employees who know all the gruesome details about how the sausage is made. Most customers like to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to how their meals are prepared, because honestly, the less you know the better. Which leads us to some unfortunate insider info about Taco Bell.

As one Taco Bell employee expressed on Reddit, people might want to stay away from anything on the menu that involves meat, which is basically everything.

“You DO NOT want to see how the meat comes into the store. The meat we use for the tacos and other things […] comes in big plastic bags labeled ‘Suitable for human consumption.’ They smell absolutely awful until we put the seasonings in.”

Another former employee dished that they sometimes used meat after its expiration date. So the next time you run for the border, don’t be surprised if you also have to run for the bathroom.

Watch the video to see even more horrifying fast food worker confessions!

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Taco smell | 0:15
A grande cappuccino-no | 1:13
Putting the “eeew” in A&W | 2:23
Beware of the pusher | 3:21
Stay away from McCafe | 4:04
It’s chili out | 5:15
Don’t count on Little Caesars | 6:40
Ratting out KFC | 7:49
High expectations | 8:59
Ice, ice, maybe | 10:23

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