Don’t Spam Your Students and Other Practical Communication Tips

One of the key elements to teaching online is effective communication between teacher and student. We would like to think that our communications are the most important ones that students will receive! The sad reality is that ours are often lost or ignored in the morass of communications that students receive from schools and teachers.

Don’t Spam Your Students

Like us, students get a lot of messages in their inbox, which leads to students’ eyes glazing over, and then our messages get lost in the mix. How can we avoid that? Set up a consistent communication protocol that is shared with students the first week and then stick to it.

Here’s an example: Once a week, send students a message that includes what is upcoming along with other important information or announcements. Send that update on the same day each week so that students know that on Friday (or whichever day you choose) they will get a class update. We are going for quality rather than quantity. Yes, this takes a little planning ahead, but the resulting clarity of communication will pay off.

Originally posted at Faculty Focus

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