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#Data today shaping #digital #Marketing of #tomorrow @JohnMBusby @CenterfieldUSA

In this podcast, John Busby(@johnmbusby), Chief Analytics Officer @CenterfieldUSA, talks about his journey leading the data analytics practice of a digital marketing agency. He sheds light on some methodologies for building a sound data science practice. He sheds light on the future of digital marketing and shared some big opportunities ripe for disruption in the digital space.

0:28 John’s journey.
4:26 Introduction to Centerfield.
6:00 John’s role.
6:50 Designing a common platform for customers.
9:15 Analytics in Amazon.
11:02 Data science and marketing.
18:02 Importance of understanding the product for marketing.
21:44 AI in the marketing business.
25:26 Making sense of customer behavior.
27:50 End to end consumer behavior.
31:05 Editing and calibrating KPIs.
32:53 Creating an inside driven organization.
35:35 Recipe for a successful chief analytic officer.
37:46 On data bias.
39:12 Hiring the right people.
41:33 Big opportunities in digital marketing.
44:15 Future of digital marketing.
45:27 John’s recipe for success.
48:52 John’s favorite reads.
50:35 Key takeaways.

John’s Recommended Read:
Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker (D&B Poker) by Jonathan Little

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John’s BIO:
John Busby serves as Centerfield’s Chief Analytics Officer. A seasoned digital marketing executive, John leads the company’s data science, analytics and insights teams. Before joining Centerfield, John was Head of Analytics for Amazon’s grocery delivery service and responsible for business intelligence, data science and automated reporting. Prior to Amazon, John was Senior Vice President of Analytics and Marketing at Marchex. John began his career in product management for InfoSpace, Go2net and IQ Chart. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University. Outside of work, John coaches youth hockey, and enjoys sports, poker and hanging out with his wife and two children.

About #Podcast:
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