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An Inspiring Podcast by Amanda Boleyn

Think about your dream. Do you dream of being successful? Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Do you dream of becoming a leader? Reaching your dreams takes dedication, perseverance, hard work, and drive. And it is never too early to start taking steps along your journey to success.  

Virtual business and accountability coach Amanda Boleyn started her podcast “She Did it Her Way” to motivate us to stop making excuses and start taking steps in our own journey to success. The podcast was launched in January 2015 and featured in publications including, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and HuffPost. With topics including motivation, systems, marketing, money, mindset, and the leap, the podcast is tailored to aspiring female entrepreneurs and all those who want to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. One of her more recent podcasts, “How to Create Self Discipline and Drive Within Yourself with Amanda Boleyn”, highlights how to use self-discipline and drive to accomplish your goals, whether those be professional or personal, by emphasizing the what, how, and why: 

What? What are your goals? What does your future look like? 

How? Through self-discipline and hard work. 

Why? Where does your inspiration and drive come from? 

Another recent podcast titled, “Mindset reset with Natalie Bacon”, features blogger and life coach Natalie Bacon, the founder of the life coaching program “Grow You.” Together, they discuss growth mindsets, how to uncover your thought errors, and reconnect the mind with the body. Natalie Bacon is just one of the multiple role model guests that Amanda stars in her podcasts for new stories, perspectives, and insights. 

In addition to her podcast, which began as a side-project and transformed into a business, Amanda provides students a roadmap to success through resources like software tools and courses to help support the launch, growth, and sustainability of your dream business. She even provides a recommended book list and free training vault. If you want to become an entrepreneur, or simply want to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, check out the She Did It Her Way podcast. Believe in yourself. You can do it! 

Photo courtesy of Harry Cunningham. 

Originally posted at Career UConn Blog